Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Phone and Big Test!!

The Mr. and I have been talking for a while about getting new phones. I looked into it for sometime and was a little effy.. because I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BLACKBERRY.
Well after a long day at work the Mr. called and his screen was broken! After 4 hard days of thinking.. I gave in and we got the DROID X!
and now I am saying..
TOUCH SCREEN .. Where have you been my whole life?
 I am very excited to have this phone but less excited that I was getting charged 30$ to flip over my contacts after paying 400$ for two new phones.
None-the-less.. I am all over DLing APPS and very happy with the purchase! :)

My Old Blackberry!!!


This week is my half Spring Break.. and I am working in the afternoons still.. I also am studying for a big test that I have TMRW night at 5:30. This test will get my Child Development Associate!!! I am a tad big nearvous but I am praying to do very well...WISH ME LUCK!

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  1. Hey, Monica! Like you, I just couldn’t let my Blackberry go, even when I got a new phone. :) Its data compression feature is the best! Not everyone is aware of that, but the data sent out through RIM servers to our very own BBs were compressed almost half their size, which enabled us to save huge costs. I think it’s a great help, especially having to pay two phone bills, right? ;)

    - Kelly Brueggemann