Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Night Little World!

That time change is "KILLING" me.. I was thrown off all day. I am sure tons of people where to but I happened to save the day and get all my housework in order.
Starting the week with a clean house is always nice!
The last few Sundays we have been bowling with a group of friends from base. It has been FUN and tond of laughs and I think the hubby and I are getting ready to go pro I mean like buying a ball and the gear to go along with it. I normally bowl pretty good and so does he so were looking for the gear.
I would have to say SUNDAY was SUNDAY.. :) 
I will leave ya with my bowling name for the night!
I was running around looking for a ball and came back to this name!
I did happen to bowl a 140 as my highest for the night.

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