Sunday, October 10, 2010

The weekend of 10.10.10..


Today was a pretty good day in the Heimes Household. 
I had class all weekend.. and today would be my only day off.. AHHH
I managed to get a few things done and I started the morning making APPLE CIDAR DOUGHNUTS!
Althought they just look like clumps of dough they tasted amazing!
I got the recipe from Flip Flops and Combat Boots! Hers look far more better then mine... but none the less Mikes loved them haha.

Since I was in class all day Saturday we spent the night hanging out and ended up making our first craft of H-ween. We have never shared a true H-ween together due to the Air Force and Mike always having TDY or deployment. I have to say we had a lot of laughs making this it was pretty cheap to.. maybe about $7.00 at your local craft store and it was all sticky like stickers when you placed it together! 

Lastly we have been getting the apartment in order because we are far to excited to FINALLY have a H-ween together.. Here are a few pictures of our outdoor Decor. We are heading to the pumpkin patch sometime soon and those pumpkins will bet he last touch to our outdoor decor!

 To cute I would say! 
This week my Mike graduates from ALS and will soon be ranked up. We are spending the week with the usually work and school. 

Hope you all are well and I hope you had a HAPPY 10.10.10!


  1. awww I love all the decorations!!!

  2. That little 'haunted' house is so cute! Love the decorations, and those doughnuts look delicious!