Saturday, October 30, 2010

Once Again..

I have been MIA again.
I am not to sure what I am really going to do with myself at this point..:) Everyday has been so busy and just plain crazy. I have been going through so much with work, school, and my husbands work its hard to handle at points. 
On a different note.. time to vent..
I have been not to social lately because of the group of military people I happen to be around....
Why do SOME LADIES in the military do this...
I don't want to hear when your husband treats you bad. YOUR PROBLEM.
I don't want to hear when you don't understand your husbands job in the Air Force or where he works on base. YOUR PROBLEM. Hun its called communication!
I don't want to hear that you had a LONG DAY.. when your 18 years old married into the military, with no job, no kids, and no diploma! Child get a life!
In the last three weeks I have meet many SPOUSES of this nature! How HORRIBLE!
Now I understand I am going to run into people like this contantly within my life.. but I always think because I am a military wife I am not really NORMAL my life is not normal, but while my husband has his career.. I have to do something for myself .. 
I live by 5 are you's in life. That help me be a balanced person.

1. Are you Independent?(If your husband walks on for a TDY or Deployment Can you handle everything?)

2. Are you honest? (When your upset or think something is wrong do you speak your mind?)

3. Are you a LIFE LONG LEARNER! ( When you are 50 will you still want to educate yourself about thing within the world)

4. Are you a Community Helper? (Are you making an impact on the world and your community by helping it..?)

5. Are you HAPPY? (With your life.. and YOU.)

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  1. I love this! I'm still learning about my husband's job and the AF in general! I've gone to a couple classes on base and I love being informed. I'm not working right now since we just moved, but I don't DARE complain about my day when my husband comes home from work. I love the are you's. Great things to keep in mind and remember!