Monday, October 11, 2010

Those Yanks!

I am a true Yankee Fan! 
Oh how I miss OCT in Michigan.. and the World Series with my sister..
We always watch it and we always get APMED UP!
So I wanted to proudly share a few pictures from a few years back of our YANKEE Addiction.
We grew up near a highways and everyone could totally see this from the highway..As most must know the Yankees are doing awesome so far!

Hope you have a great night! 


  1. I had to click the picture to get a closer look to see how you wrote out the letters. Great idea! Why not show your support?

  2. ;) It was with cups! Right ! GO YANKS!

  3. Yes! Another die hard Yankees fan. When I worked at a restaurant, I gave 10% off to Yankees fans and put it down as police hahaha.