Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am stuck.. AHHHH!

I have been trying to find and figure out what I want to be for H-ween!
We are not going out or anything as far as I know.. :)
but, I do need a costume for work and it needs to be child appropriate (Hey I am a TEACHER! )!

I want to know what you all are going to be!? 

Maybe it can help me decide on what I would like to be..


  1. I'm going as Helen of Troy...I'm basing my costume on my imagination, not any movie version of her, since I don't think she has been portrayed in films that well. :O

    I was trying to convince my friend to go as a Persian dancer sort of thing, I think that looks neat.

    Whatever you dress up as, do post photos of your costume!

  2. Ahh that does sound like a cute outfit.. I only seen one costume I am into the boardwalk empire show lately.. and I was thinking maybe a ladymobster.. but I dunno UGH!! hhaha!