Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Week Has Ended...

I Every year I get one week off of work nearing Christmas. I am beyond grateful for a week of organizing, cleaning and catching up on things that seem to go un-done. 

However that week has officially come to an end tonight. Tomorrow I will wake up early and head back into the classroom for some cleaning. I am sure my ratio will be a little lower than normal but I am honestly not ready. 

I have been able to  watch TV, stay locked in wearing my sweat pants and spend quality time with May. I feel that all my time with her is quality but when you work and she is in school... we tend to only get a few hours before it is time for bed. 

Today we finished the day off watching the Packers take home a victory over the Lions, Chatting with Mike via Facetime and Dancing the night away with Laurie Berkner on the ipad. 

We even spent lunch with an amazing little group and ventured into the play area. 

I am praying for cold coffee int he AM to help me get through the day. Most of my nights I have been up since 2-3am crafting and watching Netflix... 

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