Monday, December 29, 2014

The Call Of Netflix...

It happens to the best of us ... 
I have found myself night after night losing touch with the world and sitting for hours on end watching show after show. May is always like clock work down for the count between 6/7pm leaving the night for random things that need to get done and shows to be watched. 
I find that now is the time to watch them because there is not another soul in the house wanting the remote... 
The Netflix app is downloaded on my phone,iPad and Xbox! Some nights I am in the living room but most nights the IPad tends to be in the office with me as I craft and get things done on the computer. So... What am I watching you ask!? 

This last one is called "Call of the Midwives" it's a BBC show and has about 3 seasons. Takes place in an era of time where the midwives tend to pregnant wives in their home with an at home birth. Something about babies and there call for duty makes me love watching this show. 

I have also kept up with a few reality shows on Bravo... But that's another post in itself! ;) 

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