Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome 2013' !

Here we are again... months later.. no post later!
Due to LIFE... but 2013' is 18 days in and well let me tell ya LIFE IS CRAZY!

My hubby and I rang in the New Year in a different manor than our normal....

and at home for the 12 o'clock ball drop. 

You might be asking.. why it was a different manor than normal.. well it was different because we were home in bed ..spending quality time together before the ball dropped :)
As the years are passing.. we are finding that quality time together means more than a night that requires us to be in over our heads!

We are blessed to have one another and a home to spend it in.. we are also looking forward to all that we can accomplish in 2013 ... together, apart and as a FAMILY!

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