Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick Share!

Being Military, and having both his family and my family 1000 of miles away.. leads to shipping during the Holidays EEK right! 
Well.. not with this.. I received an e-mail.. today from USPS! 
Offering me a shipping KIT!! With boxes, envelopes and ect. to mail our Christmas presents! 
Head over to the site.. and get one for your family if you have tons of shipping for the holiday season!
It is FREE and will come right to your house!
How awesome is that!
Here is the LINK! 


  1. USPS has had the shipping kit for a while, but I haven't ever been able to find the link on USPS, I've always had to call a phone number to get the actual kit. They will also send out free flat rate boxes to you sans the kit if you don't want it :)