Friday, November 26, 2010

Here You Are Friday!

The lack of posting has not been due to the lack of motivation.
However it has been due to a 15-20 page study plan that I have been having to endure for a class assignment!
Ahh but needless to say a week later I am DONE!!
My husband is at the moment prof. reading it so I can send it in. YAY!
On a different note.. this week went by and by and by.
We had a small Thanksgiving together, and then proceed to black Friday (we were crazies).. which will be in a different post. I want to reflect on LAST WEEKEND!
I know I know.. a little behind I am.. but last weekend was my first weekend off in 3 months! Like for 3 whole months I had something to do every weekend.
So I got to spend it with the husband and that was a blessing since we often do not get to see one another and because he will be taking a venture on Monday for a few weeks!
Friday night consisted of my throwing on the crock pot after work and making cheese dip.. MMMM!
It is really simple.
1 Block Cheese
1 Can Rotelle
1 Pd. Beef
Sit Melt and Eat With Chips!
I took it to a different level and made Margaritas!!!

We had a nice night pigging out and watching movies.
Come Sunday we headed out to BDubs for Brett's last game against the PACKERS! GO PACK GO!
After the game we made a stop to pick up Mikes early Christmas Present!
Aren't they cute!

We paid 30$ for these awesome little creatures.. they all mini dawf frogs. The awesome thing about them is their whole little environment is organic. Everything recycles itself, and you change the water every 3 months and replace it with natural spring water! AMAZING! haha! We have yet to give them names but I am sure we will really soon.

Well Happy Friday.. I am off to finish up some things around the house! 

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