Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Love In Photos 2010'

Last year around this time.. we were blessed with a FREE DEPLOYMENT PHOTOSHOOT!
The photos were amazing.. every year my husband and I have had someone amazing to take pictures of us. 
This year an awesome wife from my husband shop gladly took our photos on the beach!
We are in love with them.. 
Now.. a quick little note... We are Packers FAN!!! I was proposed to at their field, hence my love for the Packers. My husband on the other hand was born and raised a Packer fan!
We would like to THANK!!


Here you go.. 

I think pictures say 1000 words about a person or a couple. I am blessed to have that man in the pictures he is my rock and makes me WHOLE! 
I hope you like them.. and have a great weekend!!