Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh What A Day..

I have been shopping a lot on line!
I love and am a fan of anything that screams USAF WIFE! haha!
So here are a few things I have ordered!

Cute huh!? One is a bracelet and the other is a Key Chain! My husband is a Hydraulics Engineer on C-130's!
If you want to check out the nice gal who makes these lovely things go to Txmommy Purses on Facebook!!

I also won a GIVEAWAY!!! Yay me!!!
Flip Flops & Combat Boots teamed up with Gambizzle Jewels..
I won this cute necklace!

I am excited to get it! On a different note! I was up early today.. and I will explain tmrw in my post! 
It was a long and busy day soo off to bed to read and have some wine with the Mr.
Have a good night!


  1. How cool! I've never seen anything like those before! I love the necklace you won! Very pretty!

  2. Hello darling! are the one that won that adorable necklace...lucky you! Congrats!

    I love finding other military wives! I look forward to reading more:)