Sunday, September 5, 2010

At Last.. Relaxing!

We got the apt. in order! YAY!
I am not sure if I did say anything about it but we signed on our lease for another 7 months. In 7 months.. Mike will be a new rank.. and we will have lived here for 3 whole years! I know I know.. 
I figured a lot of other things can get figured out and in order to .. like a few bills.. and more schooling.
For the moment we are content.. only for the moment tho..
I wanted to share this year has been the year of giving for Mike and I. We decided to donate and join anything that can help anything.
We have managed to donated tons of time to local schools. 
Join in a few 5 ks to help causes.
and a few weeks ago we started collecting our soda caps.
We tend to drink a ton of soda..while I was on vacation my sister said "why aren't you donating your caps for cancer research?" I had nothing to say other then "WE ARE GOING TO! Ha!"

So now we are... Ronald McDonald House takes every top ! 

Now on to GIVEAWAY time.

There are still a few giveaways going on.. and I am still adding more with other blogs and sites. I am trying to get the word out there to HELP SUPPORT THE TROOPS! 

A Touch Of A Hero @ Facebook has a giveaway a BIG ONE WITH 3 ITEMS!

So tell your friends and go join it!

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