Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

We were planning to head to a cook out in celebration of the day, but I now have a sick husband on my hands! EEEK!
So I think I am making homemade Chili and were going to relax on our last day before we have to be back into work!
The day has been quite lazy with a few phone calls back home.
Its my mother in laws birthday YAY her! We sent her a secret surprise in the mail that she should be getting tmrw morning I hope!
In the mean time I am going to get some homework done and be crafty!

What else is everyone doing today?!?


  1. I've been doing nothing much either. We cooked out on Saturday. Later tonight, I'm going to try to start on my take home exam that's due this weekend :(

  2. We did pretty much nothing. Did a few things around the house.

    Hopefully your husband is a better sickie than mine.