Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Mind Is Over-whelmed..

I am sure is in order.. I will post on other days then the weekend.
This week was FULL!
Although it was a four day week.. it did tend to feel longer.
I worked a few days teaching. I met a friend for lunch at Olive Garden. Now on to my last two things for the week....
First.. I have been in and out of the doctors for a few months for some issues with bleeding while using the restroom. Mike and I were naturally thinking that it could be something harmful to my body.. and after results from test and a few other uncomfortable things... I ending up having Ulcerative Colistis. Well.. what it is... your probly wondering like I was.. its a disease you get genetically. If not monitored it turns into a form of Colon Cancer. It causes you to not eat properly or digest food the right way. I was sent on base and they did a wonderful job helping me! I was given a few different types of medication.. that I will be taking for a long period of time. It is something that will never go away but with the proper check ups and medication I can get it all on track. So .. here is my support ribbion for it! I am going to live with this..with a smile.. and not let it get to me!
and .. Last..
My lovely brother of 18 years.. bought me a ticket to go home to MICHIGAN.. for my birthday! Although my birthday was May 31.. ha ha! I am headed home for July 15-29th! Yay! Why.. now you ask.. well for this!
My father softball tournament! Since my dad passed away on Dec.7.07.. we have thrown a softball tournament to help raise money to pay off the furneral arangements and medical bills. My dads favorite sport was softball.. and we are pretty big players ourselfs.. which makes me feel honored on the 17 of July to see everyone playing ball in honor of my father Saul Anaya Jr.!
I am also excited to see family and friends.
I will be leaving my airman.. home .. due to him not being able to get leave until Aug. Its kind of different for me to leave him.. because I am alway used to him being the one leaving me for military obligations.

On a high note! I have been a cleaning and organizing machine because this trip is less then a week away!
You all have a safe and good weekend!

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  1. Hi Monica! I just saw your comment on my blog about the Iphones!

    Verizon is charging me $150 to get out of my contract and my husband $105 to get out of his. However we were told if they are deploying for 6 months or longer that they don't have to pay to get out of their contract. It all depends on how close you are to the end of your contract. You don't pay for it up front they just tack it on to your last bill.

    As far as the Iphones they were $199 each. The activiation fees are 35 for the main line and 25 for each additional line. Our plan is dropping about 40 dollars a month though by switching with the military discount. They 15% off each months bill. So we got 700 minutues, unlimited messaging, and 200 mb of data for around 120 a month with the discount. It is really expensive up front to switch, but the fact that you can skype on them while they are overseas is such a great benefit!