Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents Day !

Thank you to the Presidents of the past, future and present for giving me this day off... Hehe 

Today started off earlier with taking the Flex to get an oil change! Than a small breakfast trip with a skinny latte and headed home to wait on the car and tuck May in for a Nap! 

That breakfast was to die for.. with Maple Bacon! 

With the weekend being a little longer than normal I decided this weekend was the weekend I would DIY! It started Saturday morning and I worked my way through nap times everyday until the projects were completed! 

I am happy with the finished products and I am sure May will be as well since she will be the user of the two items!

I find that there is so much meaning to DIY pieces and I think they will hold up a lot longer with the fresh coats of paint.

I am now ending my night with some reading and bible studying. Lately they are the two things that seem to relax me before bed. 

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