Monday, February 9, 2015

24 Days With Advocare!

I decided with a group of ladies to take the plunge and do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge! 
It was the help of a friend stationed in Guam who told be about the amazing things I was capable of accomplishing with a little guidance in the health department.

So Feb. 7th marked my calendar ordered my items with the goal in mind of losing 10 lbs! I surpassed that and managed 13lbs.

My main goals were to feel healthy, happy and have the endurance I needed to pass my assessments and get ready for the 2015 derby season. 

I can tell you it was HARD, it was WORK and I was tired at times... BUT I MADE IT.. and I am still working at it with the goal in mind to lose a full 20lbs. by the time Mike gets home. Losing 20 lbs will place me at the weight I had worked so hard to be at before I found out I was pregnant with my amazing May. 

Things I have CHANGED for the better:

1. Drinking 100oz of water a day. 
2. Meal Prepping with the FAB Lauren. It is because of her life gets easy during the busy weeks because our food is already made. 
3. Texting ShortFuze my derby TATA. She and I can lift one another up with a single text. 
4. No for real. I dropped most caffeine, sugar, white rice and pasta. They are all my weakness. I have them now in moderation but told myself not much until I lose the 20 :) 
5. READ EVERYTHING YOU EAT! I try to read labels more when eating! 

Favorite Advocare Items:

-Meal Replacements.

Now a few pictures from the time I was away ... 
I have vowed to myself that I will never go back to looking like this again ... 

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