Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bubble Bath- LOVE!

In our tiny apartment a BUBBLE BATH was never an option and if it was.. it was the most tiny uncomfortable thing ever. We had these two glass sliding doors that made everything about a bath feel like you were stuck in a hot box.
When we puchased our lovely home in December of 2011 we had a master room with a master bath! AHHH help me .. it was the most amazing thing ever and the tub was HUGE!
I found myself many times after a long day of work or with the stress of life taking a bath with a book and a cold drink. Sometimes it was with no lights and a few candles. RELAXATION!
During this pregnancy I find myself achey and tired often....
1st Trimester- Growing Pains
2nd Trimester- Tired/Back Pain
3rd Trimester- Achey everywhere due to growing.
and many times I often come home to my husband already having a bath ran for me and ice cold water by the tub. He often just sits off to the side and we have a converstation about the day, life, work, up coming events and ect. It truly is a blessing to relax ... there are often times where he just lets me be in my own world of relaxation.
I grew up with a hot bath.. the shower was in the basement of my parents house and we often had to hurry up or the hot water would run out! haha There were 3 kids and 2 adults in this house. In the winter time in Michigan a shower was not an option in 11 degree and below weather it was just far to cold. So we often resorted to a bath... I think that is where my love for a hot bath with bath salt and bubbles comes from.. I find that it cures my soul of  what I have no control over and the stress that life sometimes gives.. it has been my idea of finding piece for sometime.
I am just on the hunt for the most perfect BUBBLE BATH.. I never seem to get enough bubbles!! They often float for a moment and than are gone in the middle of my bath.

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  1. I use only all natural or organic products and have found the Burt's Bees (baby) bubble bath is pretty nice.