Thursday, April 11, 2013

2nd Trimester Is DONE and OVER!

2nd Trimester is DONE!
Well it has been for a few weeks... here is a recap.
I found myself active, tiny, semi growing and loving life! THANK GOD most of the sickness has gone away and we are just tired!
I would make a veggie tray at the start of the week and MUNCH! ;)

Mike and I started READING.. Thanks toThe WOOD FAMILY for all the books!

When it got tough...Mike would help me fall asleep before be headed off to work.. BLESS HIS HEART!
MEXICAN FOOD has been a problem.. it is so YUMMY!
We are offically a BUMP! :)

I have to say now that we are in the HOME STRETCH I am feeling overwhelmed but I know everything will get done in time!
It has been so intresting to see her grow and move in my tummy and slowly her room is filling up with random things and clothing! 

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