Monday, January 23, 2012

The World Is Still Moving..

At this moment I am truly surrounded by love and a crowd of amazing friends and family!
This morning I started my Monday waking up early.. for Lambeau. As I am gathering myself and my things for the day I run into this... in the kitchen. An awesome little note from the MR... I stoped took a deep breath and SMILED!

The day went awesome. I worked with my little ones.. and even gathered HUGS from all of them and we kept busy. Around nap time I get a "ding" on the phone and it is my Mr. who assured me that he was fine and in a safe zone and would call when he could. I am truly thankful for the friends and family that I have that make all of this become easyer! After work I headed to dinner with Ms. Emily the 3 year old teacher at work, and The Myers (who have come to the rescue for Lambeau and I). We laughed to mexican food and margaritas! MMMM MMM...
 I know that their are world events taking place and that is what Mike and the other men in his unit are out to take care of.. what world event.. I am still unsure of... because as the days pass there seem to be a TON of them. Sadly as I feel so distant from Mike and his journey .. I began to think about the world events and then relize that where I am standing or driving for that moment it is STILL MOVING! So I guess I need to keep busy and just keep moving on my end. Ohhh how I miss him already and it has only been about two days without hearing his voice...
I leave you with this photo my Lambeau and his daddy before he left .. how peaceful do they both look :)   

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