Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrown For A Loop!

This weekend the whole shop was called in LAME! I know I know... it ruined pretty much everyone's weekend plans with their families. However for me I feel like it was worst... as I write this I am sitting SOLO! Not only was Mike called into work he was sent AWAY on short notice. Yep you got that right.. GONE! Now lets back track in my last V-log I mentioned a deployment. The deployment was for the end of February. Right now that deployment is still on as he is on the deployment that he is on now. Mike will be gone and than come back and than LEAVE again! You heard that right...
Now I am a fan of everything military and I support my husband in all that he does .. but I am not sure if I work to well with short notice. I cried for hours .. but I am human and I would not be human if I did not cry. I think I was more in SHOCK that nothing was in order.. I sit with no power of attorney, no word on where he is located, when he will be back , why he is gone and the list goes on.. I am at the moment waiting for a phone call. So as the week starts pray for me and my soldier.. and all the men in his unit!

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  1. :( Monica I'm sorry that sucks! Yes I cry as well even when he leaves for a weekend! It's not fun being alone with no family and harder since we are both kidless. The time will fly. And you have that new house to keep you busy:)