Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Kids On The Block Had A Bunch Of Hits!

Okay! I am going back in time! I have been way busy.. with school, work, and vacations that I have not been able to get on and post!

So here we go going a little back in time... in Dec. of last year I got a phone call from my sister! This phone call was to make a childhood dream of mine come true. She had just waited in line for 5 hours to get 4th row seats to the BOY BAND TOUR OF A LIFETIME! New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys! (Pretty great sister.. I would say!) I screamed at the thought of being near a live stage for the second show of NKOTBSB.

Last month (May) a week shy of my 24th birthday I flew home to Michigan for this concert! It was amazing full of laughs and tears. Mind you we had amazing seats and I shared this dream with my sister, mom, and aunt!

Quotes From The Concert!

My Sister after Donnie Whalberg waved at her! "DONNIE WHALBERG WAVED AT ME!!"

Brian Littrell says to my mom! "MOM, MOM!"

Me right before the show is about to start "OMG, I can not breath, I can not breath!"

Here are a few pictures from our concert! 

The back of my NKOTBSB Shirt!

My Fav! My lovely sister and I right under the guys as they are performing!
Us after the show! We were tried from all the crying and screaming!
Last I leave you with a performance .. we had amazing seats!

This by far was an amazing little vacation!

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