Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you know us..

This week has been a LONG week awaiting to spill some amazing news to family and friends who may know the hubby and I.

Sunday was the Mr.'s 24th birthday! We should say his Green Bay Packers birthday. All he received was Green Bay Packer items. He had a big smile while opening everyone of his gifts. We spent Sunday with drinks and bowling. Oh and we did not forget the birthday cake!

Monday was our 3 year wedding anniversary! Yay! 3 years has gone and flown by so fast. Mike had to report into work for a training day and I had the WHOLE DAY OFF! So I ran some errands and then headed home to wait for him. He came home with roses and we got dressed for a night on the town!

Mike and I have been very blessed from day one! He always says that my father is looking out for us and pushing us through! We have set so many goals for one another and have sacrificed so much within the last 3 years of our marriage together. He has been working hard at ranking up and I have been going to school to get my degree. There have been many nights with no dates, no movies, and no seeing one another. Our hardest is being away from our BIGGEST SUPPORTERS who reside in Wisconsin and Michigan.

So if you are one of those SUPPORTERS you have asked this question.. many times! So here is a picture of  the question you may have asked us!

In December we decided that it was TIME!! YAY!!! The year 2011 is closing a lot of doors and opening many more.. but the most important goals in our life will be accomplished. My degree and Mike ranking up after much discussion we decided that we were ready to give it a TRY! In January we met with my OB to talk over plans for making this baby. I have been placed on SE-Natals and taking fully off of our 3 year form of birth control! At the moment the body is getting back to regular pace which means being sick often but getting back to normal! We are fully excited for this journey!

Are you surprised!!!?


  1. That is wonderful news! We're right where you are! I can't wait to read along about your journey!

  2. I am very proud of both of you and what you have accomplished together during the past three years. Wonderful parents the two of you will be. Exciting news.