Saturday, April 30, 2011


Tend to say I will be back more often...
then that big wind in life come and blows me down for a while!
I have so much on my hands with little time for me.
 I am always asking myself.. HOW CAN I BALANCE!
Now don't get my wrong..
school is well worth it.. and working is to. I know one day I will be rocking a sweetchild who has all my time and at least once I will tell myself how much I am missing work.

Saying "NO" is the problem. I am ALL ABOUT TITLES!!! A Mrs., Teacher, Volunteer. Who does not want to be known for all these things? However because I am all about the titles and making myself feel good by having them. I end up losing some points in dinner with the husband, or kicking my feet up to a book.

I am sure it will not always be so busy. So until then I think I keep saying "YES" because one day I will be doing nothing but the things I enjoy.

As you know I went full time this semester.. so today I will finish up my LAST final as a FULL TIME STUDENT! YAHOO!!! Mind you I was working full time and managed a 99% in one of my classes! I was pretty excited. I got my National CDA (which is a certification for Early Childhood) and got the award for student of the year for the Early Childhood Department!

I would have to say I am pretty darn glad that I could manage all of that!

May 5th I will be walking early! I am bit nearvous but I will save that for another day.

This weekend will go by quite fast. Mike will be working and I will be ORGANIZING and getting ready for MAY!

Have a great weekend ALL!

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