Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sending Him Away!

Needless to say today it is SUNDAY.
6am came soon enough and there I was sending my husband off on a TDY. Uh.. the send off if always the hard part my stomach hurts, my mind is thinking about being alone, and then the water works come. Most people say you should be used to him leaving all the time but it is not that easy. I would not be human if it did not hurt just a little to see him go.. Mike will be gone for a few weeks and be back just in time for the school year to start for me.This year is my first year ALL ALONE in my very own classroom with a group of 10 little ones who change my life on a daily base.
In the mean time I am getting the house in order and a list for this weeks activitys! I have training sessions, reading, and getting ready for my last round of college classes.
What am I reading now you may ask...
this book is AMAZING! I need to finish it by this weekend because they I am off to see the movie with a group of wonderful ladies! This book takes you back in time to a era where life what full of thoughts that do not cross our mind to often today. It takes you on a ride of hope and courage for something so much more in life. If you reading it let me know. I would love to hear your thought on this book!


  1. *hugs* I can only imagine how difficult it is to see your husband off and to be alone for a few weeks. To me, that doesn't really seem like something you would get used to. ♥

  2. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to your husband for a bit. It is never easy :( I just started the Help too. So far it is amazing!

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